Quick Look: EarthStream is a nature-inspired documentary channel that donates 20% of all subscriptions directly back to the non-profits and filmmakers who created this original content. The channel' content is comprised of original series, shorts, and full-length features documenting the natural wonders found on this planet. Content can be found in the following categories:

  • Staff Pics
  • Heroes and Advocacy in Action - 19 available titles with a few Free viewing options available
  • Nature and Wildlife - 53 available titles with a few free viewing options
  • Into the Wild - 5 available titles
  • Great for Kids - 13 available titles with free viewing options
  • Science - 10 titles available with free options
  • Marine Life - 12 titles available
  • Nature, Science and Climate - 14 titles available with free options
  • Food and Farming - 5 titles available

There is a fair amount of overlap between the categories. Clicking on any title will bring up a brief synopsis, with the option to start watching or add to your watch list.

The channel is subscription-based but you can browse all of the available titles without a subscription.

-- Information is current as of November 5, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: EarthStream offers award-winning documentaries, shorts, and other content from around the world with hundreds of titles. Explore topics about climate change, wildlife, endangered animals, animal rescue and rehabilitation, ecosystems, food, farming, and more. We continue to add new content every month. One of the most amazing things about EarthStream is our “giving back” to non-profits program. By subscribing, you’re you take part in helping the non-profits continue their essential work every month through our gifting. Your subscription also supports the vital work of filmmakers that raise awareness of important issues affecting our world.

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DEVELOPER: EarthStream

FEES: $5.99/month or $59.99/year