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Earth Movies & TV by Fawesome

Quick Look: Earth Movies & TV by Fawesome contains an impressive collection of quality movies and television series related to Earth and its wilderness as well as all of its inhabitants. Films are best described as documentaries covering topics relating to wildlife with specific species that include elephants, all forms of marine life, primates, bears, penguins and more. Other videos cover terrestrial landmarks like Mt. Everest, the Arctic Circle, the Kalahari Desert and the Alps.

In addition to the vast collection of movies you will also find nine episodes from the television series Years of Living Dangerously, which is a documentary series discussing global warming. Below is one of the available videos from this series.

-- Information is current as of April 16, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Get a virtual dose of nature with FREE movies steeped in wilderness, wildlife, flora and more! Find movies on a variety of themes including fun road trips, man vs wild scenarios, survival in hell-scapes, seafaring adventures and more. From nature documentaries and dramas to thrillers and action flicks, we have them all.

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc.

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