Dracula's Coffin

Dracula's Coffin

RokuGuide Review: Dracula's Coffin is a seemingly simple puzzle, but one that can become very frustrating to solve. As shown below, you start with a coffin sitting on top of a couple of boxes, with another box between the coffin and an opening in the opposite wall.

Dracula's Coffin Level 1

You have to move the boxes around so that the coffin can be slipped through the opening. Each box will only move up and down or left and right, and the coffin will only move left and right. Each move results in a one-point deduction. You start with 100 points. If you solve the first level, you get more points when you go to Level 2. Less points used in one level results in more points in the next level. The first level is fairly easy, but as you can see by the screenshot of Level 3, the puzzle can quickly become quite frustrating.

Dracula's Coffin Level 3

The instructions, which are available in the Help screen as shown below, are very simple. You use the arrows on your remote to move around the screen until the item you want to move is highlighted, then you press the OK button to select it. Use the arrow buttons again to slide the item to where you want it, then press the OK button to release the item. Try to avoid random moves, and don't slide things back and forth, because you'll quickly use up your points.

Dracula's Coffin Level 1

For only $0.99, this is a fun little game if you like puzzles such as this. In reviewing the game, I only played to Level 3, so I can't tell you how many levels it has. I'll update this review if I make it through the entire game, or if someone alerts me to the number of levels. My only complaint is that the game does not save your progress if you leave and come back. Once you select the exit option, your progress is lost and you have to start back at Level 1. This is a disappointment because a microSD slot was added to the Roku 2 with the expressed purpose of allowing more games to be saved.

Dracula's Coffin StartYou can play Dracula's Coffin with either a standard Roku remote or with the new Roku game remote that comes standard with the Roku 2 XS. The game is currently available only on the Roku 2. A Roku employee stated in the Roku forums that support should be added for the original Rokus in a future firmware update, but the date of that release is unknown.

-- RokuGuide Reviewed on August 17, 2011

Developer's Channel Description: Young Dracula is in trouble! Help him by moving his coffin out of the dungeon before the sun rises. Mulit-level puzzle game for all ages.


FEES: $0.99 one-time purchase