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Don Winslow of the Navy

Quick Look: Don Winslow of the Navy is a 1942 movie serial available on this Roku channel of the name. Based on the Don Winslow of the Navy comic strip by Commander Frank V. Martinek, the 12-chapter serial features Commander Don Winslow, who returns to the Office of Naval Intelligence from his command of his cruiser to investigate strange events on the Pacific island of Tangita when he discovers that a ring of saboteurs and enemy agents are trying to sabotage the war effort by destroying ships carrying supplies to troops stationed in the islands.

The serial is composed of the following chapters, the first of which can be seen below.

  1. The Human Torpedo
  2. Flaming Death
  3. Weapons of Horror
  4. Towering Doom
  5. Trapped in the Dungeon
  6. Menaced by Man-Eaters
  7. Bombed by the Enemy
  8. The Chamber of Doom
  9. Wings of Destruction
  10. Fighting Fathoms Deep
  11. Caught in the Caverns
  12. The Scorpion Strangled

-- Information is current as of December 14, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Don Winslow of the Navy is a story of a brave US commander who came to the island of Tangita in Pacific near Pearl Harbor to investigate a strange string of events. He discovered a group of enemy agents who prepared the diversion and aim to impact the warfare.

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