Dojo Go TV

Quick Look: Dojo Go TV is a martial arts training channel for kids. "Every week we post life lessons, martial art workouts, and fun games for kids through the power of martial arts! Our duty is to bring the life-changing benefits of martial arts to children all over the world with our videos." The channel provides free lessons led by Master Kelley, the founder of the Dojo Go program. In his videos he interacts with students online and with cartoon characters that assist him in his class, teaching the basics of martial arts.

The channel includes many lessons, including a 6-week intro program, and replays of weekly live Zoom classes, but to receive the full benefits of the classes, including calendars and worksheets that are only available through the website, will require that you subscribe through the Dojo Go TV website.

The Dojo Go TV YouTube channel also contains additional content not found on this channel, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of October 28, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to the Dojo Go TV App! Ad Free and No Suggested Videos. Access to a Library of All Full Length Dojo Go Courses. Weekly Zoom Classes. Exclusive Access to new Dojo Go Content All Year Long. Download our app to get your kids moving and having fun! Dojo Go TV allows you to access on-demand videos on your favorite device anytime, anywhere. Browse our library of videos, stream free content, or Sign-In to your account to access the full features.

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FEES: Roku content is free; $29/month or $299.99/year for online access