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DOCENT Channel

Quick Look: To those without a subscription, DOCENT Channel offers is a duplication of one category from the MOV! Roku channel, with one exception - the videos are free on MOV! but require a $4.95 per month subscription to view them on DOCENT Channel. There are 10 video selections, some of which are duplicates, each around 30 seconds to 7 minutes in length. Most of them are promotional videos, but requiring a subscription to view the promos negates the purpose of providing a promotional video at all.

According the Docent Channel subscription website, subscribers will get "Premium Content Only Available to Subscribers,"Exclusive Offers," and "Safe Videos, Family Friendly, No Worries About YouTube Comments." There is no other information, but the Roku Store channel description indicates that the "premium content" consists of videos in which a host (or "docent") describes "paintings, sculpture, museums, archaeological digs, underwater excavations and more." Subscribe at your own risk.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: LIFE BEGETS ART/ART BEGETS THE DOCENT CHANNEL! Watch these charming, entertaining, witty, informed, educated DOCENTS guide you through paintings, sculpture, museums, archaeological digs, underwater excavations and more! Travel the world's museums here!

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FEES: $4.95 per month subscription. Subscribe at