DIY Home By Fawesome

Quick Look: DIY Home By Fawesome is a home renovation channel geared to adventurous homeowners wanting to create their perfect living space both inside and out. Much like Home Channel by Fawesome this channel provides viewers with an abundance of easy renovation tips, storage and organizational ideas, product recommendations as well as seasonal decorating ideas, and ideas for designing on a budget.

In addition to all of the DIY projects and ideas you will also find a collection of Lifestyle shows such as House Hunt, The Unsellables, World's Greenest Homes, My House, Your Money, Garden Architect, For Rent, and This Small Space, as well as a collection of Home Decor and Designs shows like Clutterbug, Craft Klatch, and At Home With Nikki.

Below is a video from World's Greenest Homes, one of the channels contributors.

-- Information is current as of January 6, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: DIY Home by Fawesome is your perfect guide to decorating, decluttering, remodelling, and organizing your home. Find furniture, gardening tips, recycling tips, household hacks to make each and every corner of your house picture perfect.

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