A Diff Flip Clock

Quick Look: In the pre-digital days before LEDs and LCDs, flip clocks were a hot item. Time no longer had to be shown with two hands on a round device.

This screensaver recreates the mechanical flip clock for you, displaying the current time in a format that looks like those little square tiles. But you won't be bothered by a click every minute as you were with the real clock.

NOTE: Screensavers do not show up on your Roku like a regular channel. After installing the screensaver, go to your Roku settings, select the screensaver option, then select this screensaver to activate it. (If you install the channel using the link below, you may need to go to first select the Update option to force your Roku to download the app.)

-- Information is current as of November 9, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Old school analog flip clock screensaver by A Different Engine

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DEVELOPER: A Different Engine LLC

FEES: None