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Clever Clocks ScreensaverQuick Look: I thought it would be awhile before I changed out Aquarium Screensaver for a different screensaver, but I have done so on one of my two Roku-connected TVs. Clever Clocks, from the same developer as Aquarium Screensaver, offers ten variations on the clock and some are so unique that I had to keep Clever Clocks on one Roku after screening it for this article.

The available clocks are:

  • Word Clock - This clock displays the time as highlighted words in a "word search puzzle" style block of letters.
  • Word Clock - Verbose - Similar to Word Clock but with the addition of seconds.
  • Binary Clock - View the time in binary format using columns of dots
  • Matrix Clock - Old-style clock with hands, including a sweep second hand, using "Matrix" style graphics.
  • Daylight Clock - Areas of daylight and darkness are shown on a Mercator projection of Earth
  • Daylight Clock - No Clouds Same as above, but the Earth is shown without clouds.
  • Optical Illusion Clock - Try to find the numbers hidden in a maze of diagonal lines. Remember those autostereogram posters? It's not the same 3D effect, but you'll either see the time or give yourself the same type of headache.
  • Googly Eyes Clock - The position of the eyeballs tells the time by the position (left eye is hours, right eye is minutes).
  • Nixie Clock - The digits are styled after old-style gas-filled Nixie tubes.
  • Flip Clock - Retro-style mechanically-driven clock that flips digits every minute.

The screensaver allows you to randomize which clock is displayed, and you can set it to also display the temperature and current conditions for your zip code.

NOTE: Screensavers do not work like regular channels. They must be activated from the Settings menu. See this article for more details on setting up a screensaver on your Roku.

-- Information is current as of August 16, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Clever ways to tell the time. Choose from multiple clever clock styles including: Word, Binary, Daylight, Illusion, Nixie, Matrix, Googly Eyes, and Flip, or let the screensaver choose one for you. Also includes current weather!

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