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Dick Tracy Detective Strip

Quick Look: Dick Tracy Detective Strip on Roku has all 15 chapters of the 1937 Dick Tracy Republic movie serial. Based on the Dick Tracy comic strip by Chester Gould, Dick Tracy battles crime boss The Spider, who captures Dick Tracy's brother, Gordon, so The Spider's minion, Dr. Moloch, can turn him evil through a brain operation and turn brother against brother.

Chapter of this serial, "The Spider Strikes," can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of November 30, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Can’t find a decent detective story? Truly, there’s a bunch of TV series and classic movies of this intriguingly interesting genre on the web today. What we think is really worth your time is Dick Tracy. Remember the comic strip with this smart and tough detective? Well, on this channel you’ll find some well-set episodes of Dick Tracy that were shot in black and white. The whole playlist of detective serial will bring the most genuine experience because these videos are authentic and haven’t been technically updated. You can enjoy original sounding, screenplay, and screen effects of good old films as they were produced back in the days.

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