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Decision Target System 1

Quick Look: Decision Target System 1 lets you practice armed self defense at home by dry firing at your TV. The channel includes four sets of 15 concealed carry weapon (CCW) defensive scenarios and two sets of home invasion scenarios, with more scenarios promised monthly. The videos provide realistic moving target scenarios to let users practice defensive firing with their CCW.

The channel doesn't provide any free scenario videos, but it does have free promo video showing the system, along with videos explaining how to use the system and providing safety rules. One of the rules for safe dry practice is that you should use non-lethal training firearms only, but information is also provided for if you choose to use a real firearm or any other projectile-firing weapon.

A promotional video for the Decision Target System 1 Roku channel, which also shows someone using the system for dry fire practice, can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of January 22, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: The Dry Fire version of the Decision Target System™ live fire simulator. The DTS™ CCW Simulator is designed for armed citizens who are serious about their own self defense. The CCW Simulator allows you to train at home with dozens of live action scenarios, including: home invasion, road rage, active shooter, armed robbery, and shoot/no shoot decisions. Take Dry Fire training to a new level. Learn to react under stress to realistic moving targets and scenarios that demand judgement, decision making, and marksmanship.

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FEES: $19.99/month

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