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Quick Look: DARTS can be played as either a single player or multi-player with a choice of two games, 301 and 501. The object of these games is to reduce the score from the starting score of 301 or 501, depending on which game you choose, to zero in as few shots as possible.

At the start of each throw a marker circles the outer ring. The dart is thrown by pressing the OK button on your remote as the target circles the board, resulting in hitting a segment. You then press the OK button again as the marker moves between the bullseye and the outermost ring of the board. Scoring is as follows:

  • The outer ring doubles the segment value
  • The inner ring triples the segment value
  • The ring around the bullseye scores 25 points
  • Bullseye scores 50 points

The dart that brings the score to zero must be a double-score, meaning the dart must be thrown in the outer ring. Additional rules and scoring information can be found in the Help selection after selecting a game. In order to win the game your last shot must be a "Double", for example: You need 4 points to end the game, that means you need to hit a double 2, any other throw of a higher number will cause you to "Bust," any throw lower than 4 will be taken off your required total and adjust your score.

The number of throws and the time it takes to complete a game are noted, but there is not a registry to keep best scores.

The channel is ad-sponsored, however it is only one commercial between games.

-- Information is current as of December 13, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Ready... aim... fire your dart for a real bullseye of a game. Play Classic games like 501 and 301! Darts also has the option to play Head to Head on the same TV!

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DEVELOPER: TransGaming Interactive Limited

FEES: None