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Dark Outpost

Quick Look: Dark Outpost is a podcast that "explores the truth behind the headlines, and brings you information the mainstream media and the government doesn't want you to know." Host David Zublick discusses many popular conspiracy theories and other viral stories found on the internet. You can also listen to the Dark Outpost Podcast on

The Roku channel is subscription based, but you can browse the available titles for free without a subscription; just remember that all videos are locked unless you subscribe. The videos are categorized by month with content dating back to Sept. 2020. There are an additional 47 videos found in the "Archives" category that cover most of June and July 2020. Video titles include:

  • The Moon Landing Hoax
  • Biden Family on Pornhub
  • Alien Hybrid program Unveiled
  • "Kraken" Epstein Escapes Custody

-- Information is current as of February 12, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Dark Outpost

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