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Dangerous Assignment

Quick Look: Dangerous Assignment was released in 1952 and only lasted one season, and all 39 episodes of this show can be seen on this Roku channel. The show starred Brian Donlevy as agent Steve Mitchell who was often sent abroad by the "Commissioner" Herb Butterfield to settle some matter of international unrest. While on assignment he would often undertake a cover identity, typically and debonair foreign correspondent for an unnamed print publication to avoid detection.

According to Wikipedia, "Dangerous Assignment started out as a replacement radio series broadcast in the US on the NBC radio network in the summer of 1949; it became a syndicated series in early 1950... Donlevy formed a production company to convert the radio show to a television show — but, no TV network would invest in the series, so, instead, he produced thirty-nine episodes with his own cash and sold them to individual stations nationwide."

An episode of Dangerous Assignment can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of March 29, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: "The Commissioner" sent US special agent Steve Mitchell to exotic locales where he encounters adventure and international intrigue, all played out using extreme violence. Stars: Brian Donlevy, Herbert Butterfield, Lyle Talbot

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