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CZW Wrestling TV

Quick Look: CZW, also known as Combat Zone Wrestling, features some of the most extreme/hardcore wrestling matches you will ever see, featuring no-holds-barred barbed-wire matches, cage matches, tack matches, and more foreign objects that you can imagine.

The channel offers over 160 videos with countless hours of wrestling entertainment from the CZW, WSU (Women Superstar Uncensored), FBW (5 Borough Wrestling) and Legacy Wrestling. All of the matches in their library can be browsed without a subscription (some events date back to 2004), but you will need to subscribe to watch them.

Below is a match found on YouTube from CZW Wrestling TV.

-- Information is current as of November 27, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Wrestling Entertainment Like Nothing Else!

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DEVELOPER: Pivotshare, Inc.

FEES: $9.99 per month Subscription

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