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Crunch Live

Quick Look: Crunch Live is an online workout channel sponsored by Crunch Gym. The channel offers over 80 workout routines in a variety of class styles including Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and Total Body Bootcamp. The videos are separated into 3 categories and arranged alphabetically.

The channel is free to add and browse the titles, but you must subscribe and create an account before viewing any video. To create an account visit the Crunch Live website; once you have created your account you then follow the onscreen instructions to link your Roku.

Below is a sample video from the Crunch live YouTube Channel.

-- Information is current as of September 26, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Online workouts to get you fit on the fly

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FEES: 10 day free trial, Monthly Membership Subscription $9.99, Annual Subscription $90.00,

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