Cowboy Kent Rollins

Quick Look: Cowboy Kent Rollins on Roku consists of 14 videos from the YouTube channel of the same name, which has over 160 videos available. Rollins, who has appeared on Chopped Grill Masters, Chopped Redemption, and Beat Bobby Flay, shows you his style of outdoor cooking with dishes like Zesty Meatloaf, Upside Down Pizza, and Tomahawk Steak. The limited selection of videos on the Roku channel also address topics like "The Tricks to Crispy Hashbrowns" and "Why is my Cast Iron Sticky? And How to Fix It!"

An example video from the Cowboy Kent Rollins Roku channel can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of September 12, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Love outdoor cooking from grilling to Dutch oven recipes? I've been cooking with live fire for over 25 years as a chuck wagon and cowboy cook for ranches. You may have also seen me on Food Network’s Chopped Grill Masters, Bobby Flay, Cutthroat Kitchen, among others. So, let’s get the fire hot!

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