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Court TV

Quick Look: Court TV on Roku streams a live feed of the over-the-air and cable telecast that is now available in many local TV markets. Court TV is a channel that was popular during the 1990s, and was recently revived by new owners. The channel provides live coverage of high-profile and more-obscure trials, with on-air analysis. On Roku, viewers also have access to a number of past trials. Currently, in addition to live coverage of a trial for Georgia parents accused of killing their infant daughter, Roku users have on-demand access to coverage of the following trials:

  • Florida v. Lewis - Did she drown her seven-year-old daughter in the pool?
  • Florida v. Carlton - Did this bitter custody battle end with a hitman?
  • Florida v. Simpson - Was this a major case of road rage?
  • Cosby v. Corkery - Was Bill Cosby guilty of assaulting the paparazzi?

The new Court TV launched just this month, so you can expect more on-demand content in the future.

-- Information is current as of May 10, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Court TV brings you live, gavel-to-gavel coverage of our nation's most important trials, all anchored by the most talented and trusted legal journalists in America. Plus, you can catch up with recent coverage and access a library of iconic trials On Demand.

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