Cosmic Conspiracy

Cosmic Conspiracy has nothing to do with UFOs and conspiracy theories as the Roku channel store description would have you believe. Rather, the Cosmic Conspiracy Roku app oddly features nearly 30 wrestling series, including the following:

  • GWF SuperBouts
  • ICW: International Professional Wrestling
  • IWA Total Impact
  • USWA: World Class Texas Wrestling
  • NAWA: South Atlantic Pro Wrestling
  • Southwest Championship Wrestling
  • Jacques Rougeau's Wrestling Academy

There are also wrestling collections like Santo, Live Events & Pay-Per-Views, and Season's Beating.

-- Information is current as of July 5, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: There is a conspiracy to rule the world, but the truth is far stranger than fiction. The truth is that Reality isn't what it seems. With UFO encounters on the rise, sinister programs to spy on unsuspecting citizens and black projects like MK Ultra proven to be real, we are forced into a new state of heightened awareness. Efforts to manipulate our perceptions surround us every day - the news is fueled by half sentences designed to create outrage and division with an unprecedented fervor by people under the hypnosis of the puppet masters at the helm, wholly unaware of the unfathomably diabolical machine working 24-7 to maintain control over the collective mind. An intelligent mind can only deduce that there are indeed clandestine groups that control the world, lurking in the shadows, behind a system they themselves created long ago. Since the dawn of time and recorded history, these very same forces have held power over nations, races, and ideologies and through a web of deceit spun from their conspiracy machine, created a "reality" that most people abide by. Now, we see the underbelly of their nefarious intent coming unraveled. The time is now to emerge into a new era of awareness. It's clear there is much more to 9/11 and many other events and now, even the CIA and military factions of the world cannot deny that UFOs are real, that there is an alien presence on earth, and there is little the powers that be can do about it, and that is exactly what they don't want us to know.

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