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Quick Look: COLOR SHIFT'R is a game where you try to eliminate all of the different colored squares. To do this you click on groups of similarly colored squares and the blocks will disappear, allowing the colored squares around them to fill in the void. Clicking on a "lone" square will do nothing, there must be at least two squares of the same color touching, the more squares eliminated the more points generated.

The difficulty and appearance of the game can be changed by pressing the * button on your remote; this will bring up a menu of game options where you can change the colors of the squares, increase the number of colors,(more colors=higher difficulty) and turn on/off the sound.

The channel is ad-sponsored (one commercial between each game), but for a one time fee of $0.99 the game will play commercial free.

-- Information is current as of December 13, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Clear the color grid by selecting color blocks that are connected. The more blocks connected the higher the score. Includes a screensaver.

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DEVELOPER: Matt Moores

FEES: Ad-supported channel is free. A one time purchase of $0.99 eliminates all commercials.