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Collateral Damage Report Vol2

Quick Look: Collateral Damage Report Vol2 is a "visualized poetry collection" - a collection of videos in which the lines of a poem are displayed against a visual backdrop. (See screenshots below.)

The poems are from author Michael Pollick, whose work has appeared in publications that include The Iconoclast, Midwest Poetry Review, MOSAIC, HART-A Tome for the Arts, Miller's Pond and many others. According to Pollick's Amazon author page, he "views his work as a hybrid of poetry and microshort fiction. While poetry can be viewed as a snapshot of a human experience, many of his pieces also feature a definite story arc. His poetry and creative writing influences include ee cummings, Raymond Carver and Cecil Adams."

Additional poetry videos from Pollick can be found on the Roku channel Collateral Damage Report Vol3. At the current time, there is no Volume 1.

-- Information is current as of April 25, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Collateral Damage Report Vol2 is a continuation of the visualized poetry collection created by award-winning author and poet Michael Pollick

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DEVELOPER: Michael Pollick

FEES: None

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Collateral Damage Report Vol2 on Roku
Collateral Damage Report Vol2 on Roku
Collateral Damage Report Vol2 on Roku