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Classic Snake!

Quick Look: Classic Snake! is a Roku version of the video game that originated in the 1970s where you maneuver a line (the "snake") that longer as you "consume" blocks. As you maneuver your snake around the screen, you have to avoid running into yourself or the game is over. Classic Snake! offers two versions of the game: Open has no boundaries, so the snake's head can run off one end of the screen and re-enter at the opposite end; Classic places a box around the screen and you must turn before hitting it or the game ends. You also have the option of setting the snake's speed to slow, medium, or fast. The game will track the high score, but you can't enter your name or initials when you achieve a new high.

If you like the snake game concept, other Roku versions are available: SNAKE, Mr Snake, and Snakes Free.

-- Information is current as of January 27, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Play the classic or open world Snake!

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DEVELOPER: Alpha 212

FEES: None