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City Link TV

Quick Look: City Link TV is a service that lets organizations stream live events and video on demand of past events. The City Link TV Roku channel provides these live broadcasts and on-demand programming from 32 (at the time of our review) businesses, churches, cities, schools, and sports teams. The content is primarily from public access channels replaying shows that have been previously broadcast.

Channels include:

  • Elk City Zoo
  • Weatherford- Coyote TV
  • Henryetta Television News
  • Clinton Tornado TV
  • Davis Football

The channel has the potential to contain hundreds of channels based on the membership found on their website (See link below), so the Roku channel is likely to be updated beyond the 32 current organization.

-- Information is current as of August 23, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: The City Link TV channel gives you quick and easy access to your favorite City Link TV live and archived events.

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DEVELOPER: BlueFrame Technology, LLC

FEES: None

City Link TV Website