Citizen Stringer TV

Quick Look: Citizen Stringer TV provides content from the following independent podcast and news contributors:

The channel also includes documentaries, with four programs that look at covid-19, trucker wars, communism, and crime labs, and classics that include a Three Stooges movie and the film "The Enemy Below" (1957).

An example of the content included on Citizen Stringer TV can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of November 5, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Citizen Stringer is the new way to report the news. Tired of the misleading headlines and lack of real news? Citizen Stringer is how we change that. By crowdsourcing the news, we are able to report the news in real-time, without the spin of politics, social issues, and bias that we have come to expect from mainstream media outlets. Citizen Stringer is where YOU break the news.

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DEVELOPER: PT News Network

There are currently no fees associated with the Roku channel, but the following fees are listed on the Citizen Stringer TV website - $12.99/month, $109.00/year, or $399 lifetime. Discount code available on the website for the annual subscription.