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Cineverse is a free ad-supported streaming service that includes live TV channels, movies, and TV shows. Live TV includes ConTV, Dove Channel, The Bob Ross Channel, Asian Crush, Fandor, Midnight Pulp, and others. If you're looking for movies, you find hundreds of titles in multiple genres. TV shows include the following examples:

  • Action - IP Man, Flash Gordon, Shinobi Girl
  • Anime - Astro-Boy, GoShogun, Cybersix
  • Comedy - Off the Chain, Meet the Family, Petticoat Junction
  • Docuseries - Foodie Road Trip, Confessions of Crime, Action Figure Road trip
  • Family - The Saddle Club, Beverly Hillbillies, The Adventures of the Swiss Family Robinson
  • Reality - Anthony Bourdain- A Cooks Tour, Gordon Behind Bars, World of Weird
  • Sci-Fi - The Alien Files, Highlander, Unsealed Alien Files
  • True Crime - FBI Files, Navy Seals, Interpol Investigates
  • TV Classics - Little Rascals, Bonanza, Dragnet, Lone Ranger

-- Information is current as of September 21, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Cineverse is a free ad-supported streaming service dedicated to bringing you the best movies and TV shows from around the world. Whether you want to unravel ancient mysteries, pump up your adrenaline with some unmissable action, walk down TV memory lane, laugh along with your favorite comedy stars, and more, we got you covered. Explore all of our content or plug into one of our Live channels and discover what we have to offer! Stream for free, or subscribe to get your offbeat binge without ads.

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