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China Uncnsrd

Quick Look: China Uncnsrd takes a sarcastic, or "tongue in cheek," look at the current condition of China. The channel covers a number of news stories related to China and puts a sarcastic/comedic spin on it. Content ranges from "China's Ghost Cities" and "China spreading Fake News in Western Media" to "Trump starting war with China." All of the news stories are factual, but they are somewhat embellished and definitely mixed with a hint of sarcasm.

In addition to "news," the channel offers a secondary category titled "Journey to the East" which takes a look at various Asian cultures and news stories from some of the following countries: Japan, Thailand, Korea and the Philippines. The channel also allows/encourages viewers to create an account so you can save and sync videos through various devices. Whether you decide to provide this information or not will not affect the viewing experience on this channel.

Below is a trailer describing what the China Uncensored channel is all about.

-- Information is current as of March 22, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: We used to be journalists. Now we make a comedy show that exposes how the Chinese Communist Party's growing influence is seriously messing up China and the rest of the world. Sounds hilarious, right? Stay tuned for new China Uncensored episodes with Chris Chappell three times a week, plus other related TV shows that bring you the best of China-related news, culture, and entertainment.

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