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Chefs International

Quick Look: Chefs International provides a regularly-updated library of videos in the categories of American Cuisine, French Cuisine, Latin Cuisine, and Around the World Cuisine. The videos come from a variety of online sources like MyRecipes and the Facebook page "Mom Versus." Videos include recipes, cooking instruction, and general information about food, with titles that include "What's the Difference Between Marinating, Curing, and Brining?," "How to Make Skillet Ratatouille," and "Make-Ahead Chicken Fajitas Recipe."

-- Information is current as of March 5, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Chefs International explores the world of cuisine and brings the best recipes, stories and restaurants to your home. Looking for a new dish to server at your upcoming party or just want to try something new in the kitchen? Check in daily to see what unique meals are being made across the globe!

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