Charlie Moore No Offense

Quick Look: Charlie Moore No Offense is a syndicated TV show that first aired in 2017. In each episode, Charlie travels to a different place where "a guest is invited into Charlie's world and then the roles are reversed. When it's his turn, Charlie immerses himself in the local culture and nobody is safe from his comedic critiquing."

Four seasons of this series are available on the Charlie Moore No Offense Roku channel. Episodes include:

  • Heinz and Lows - Everyone knows Charlie Moore loves Boston sports, especially his beloved New England Patriots. So, one would wonder what it would be like for Charlie to head to Pittsburgh, take a tour of Heinz Field, fish with Steelers running back Isaac Redman, eat dinner at Steelers legend running back Jerome Bettis' restaurant and then top it all off, fishing with Pittsburgh Steelers fans.
  • Gettin' Wiggy With It - East Boston native and New England Patriot Super Bowl Champion Jermaine Wiggins hangs out in the Mad Fisherman's World. Charlie takes Jermaine salt water fishing in Seabrook, NH. Jermaine doesn't handle the rough seas too well. Fishing is tough on the salt water, but Jermaine catches a nice striper. Charlie and Jermaine have lunch at the Tuna Striker.
  • It's a Wonderful Life - Charlie heads to Island Falls, Maine, and hooks up with Harvard hockey star Lauren McAuliffe. Charlie catches many beautiful smallmouth and talks women's hockey with Lauren. Charlie hangs out with his wife and kids at the cabins at the lake. Charlie visits a local historic bowling alley and checks out a local restaurant. Charlie grills up one of his favorite recipes.
  • Whatcha Gonna Do - Charlie travels to sunny Clearwater, FL and hooks up with Hulk Hogan. Hulk is displeased because Charlie shows up late to a workout session at Hogan's Gym. Charlie takes Hulk into his world and tries to land him his first fish since he was a kid. Hogan invites Charlie to his restaurant, Hogan's Beach, for a seafood bucket. Hulk discusses his career that spans over three decades.
  • Panama - The Mad Fisherman escapes to get away from it all. He heads to Panama to meet up with Boston native John Shyne. John takes Charlie five hours into the jungle to a place called the Paradise Lodge. Charlie fishes for Rooster Tail fish, Cubera Snapper, Jack fish and Wahoo. Charlie, also known as the Mad Cook, tries pork meat. John takes Charlie to a local fish market in Panama City.

An episode of Charlie Moore No Offense can also be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of October 21, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Charlie Moore: No Offense! has been traveling to a lot of cool places all around the world introducing its audience to special guests. Each episode Charlie has his world turned upside down as he provides laughter, the best places to eat, travel tips and so much more. Be prepared to be entertained!

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