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CannaVid TV

Quick Look: CannaVid TV features videos from the from the CashCrop Today website. The videos discuss the many beneficial aspects of cannabis and hemp products and plants. Content is available in five categories, but a number of the videos are listed in multiple categories:

  • Business - There are 3 subcategies available - 421411, Croptopics, and Joint Venture - that discuss the economic impact of cannabis, state and federal regulations, and medicinal uses for the plant
  • Health - CBD oils and THC for treating PTSD, Glaucoma, Altzhiemers and cancer
  • Growed - CBD, dabbing and uses for cannabis
  • Culture - Interviews with cannabis advocates
  • Edibles - Health benefits and ways people consume cannabis

-- Information is current as of March 7, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: CannaVid TV’s mission is to change how the world views the Cannabis & Hemp Culture, through entertaining and informative content streamed directly to your mobile, desktop, gaming consoles and smart TV devices.

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