Camping Guide

Quick Look: Camping Guide has content from the YouTube channels Prepared Camping and Joe Robinet, which already has a standalone Roku Channel called Adventures in the Outdoors.

Despite what the channel description states, there are no listings of campground recommendations, only gear guides and reviews from Prepared Camping and "Bushcraft" camping tips from Joe Robinet. Gear guide reviews include Waterproof Electric Lighters, Bushcraft Cook Sets, Multi Use Poncho and the Revive H2O Water Filter Straw. Many of the items listed appear to be from European manufacturers and may not be readily available in the U.S.

Below is one of the videos currently available on this channel; additional content can be found on their respective YouTube channels.

-- Information is current as of May 23, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Are you looking for the best campgrounds and parks to stay at? Camping features free expert reviews on the best places to pitch your tent and live with nature. It also offers free camping tips and equipment recommendations.

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