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Cablecast Screenweave

Quick Look: Cablecast Screenweave provides live feeds and video on demand from public access channels around the country. Depending on the channel, you'll find a variety of local programming, school events, as well as local community and government meetings. The following stations are currently available:

  • CCX Media
  • SCC TV
  • CCSTV (Canton City Schools TV)
  • COCTV (City of Canton, Ohio TV)
  • CMAC Fresno/Clovis
  • Yourtown TV
  • Current TV
  • Chabot TV
  • Aspen 82
  • Harding University's HU16
  • Eagle County Government Television
  • Lakewood8 - City of Lakewood, Colorado

Unfortunately, most of the channels do not identify the community served unless you open it (the list above is the full extent of information on the home menu). Also, the channel has no search feature and the stations are randomly dumped into the home screen in single row, so you'll have to do some scrolling if you're looking for a specific channel within the channel. If you open a channel, though, it will be listed as "Previous Channel" when you return to the Roku channel, so you won't need to look for it again.

-- Information is current as of August 24, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: With Cablecast Screenweave you can watch your favorite Public, Educational and Government Access channels from the comfort of your living room. Watch your channels live, or view your favorite content on-demand. Now you can watch Billy’s home run over and over again, in high definition (HD), on that big screen television with twenty of your closest friends. Did you miss that contentious Council meeting? With Cablecast Screenweave you can select the meeting you want and fast-forward to the agenda items that matter to you. If you can’t find the channel you are looking for, ask your public, educational, or government (PEG) access channel provider if they Roku.

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DEVELOPER: Tightrope Media Systems

FEES: None

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