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Buzz and BizRokuGuide Quick Look:Biz and Buzz is self described as "A network of TV shows dedicated to bring the best possible information and advice about business, marketing, self-improvement and education to people." The channel is divided up into the different On demand shows, most content is fairly recent, however some had not been updated since 2012. The available shows are as follows:

  • Latest Episodes- provides the most recent shows available from each provider
  • All Things Possible with Kris Barney-Empowering others to conquer their toughest challenges!
  • Biz in your terms TV with Lisa J Peck- rapid business growth with innovative solutions
  • Boomerology Revealed TV-a show for baby boomers by baby boomers!
  • BuzzBooster TV with Shahar and Nash-Achieve long-lasting prosperity with innovative marketing for small businesses!
  • Montessori for Everybody-Empower learners, unleash creativity!...and have a life
  • Positive Mindset TV with Leesa Myers-making your life count today!Tap into your true power and make it work for you!
  • Rock your Life TV with Paula D'Andrea-Inspiration from rock and roll alchemist, Paula D'Andrea
  • Spill the Beans with Shahar Boyayan-Real conversations with entrepreneurs
  • What's your Story?!-We report what's praiseworthy in a new show every Friday on Smart TV
  • Momentum Maximizer TV with Carl Woolston-maximize your small business momentum and profits
  • Boomer and Senior Travel TV with Debbie Gerber-Experience something new together:The fun, the unique, the weird

-- Information is current as of October 2, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Case studies, marketing tips, business growth and the best in social media marketing in a fun and light way for the non-techie entrepreneur and business owner!

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DEVELOPER: BuzzBooster

FEES: None

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