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Business Opportunities

Business OpportunitiesQuick Look: The Business Opportunities Roku channel is a collection of videos that are geared towards the entrepreneurial-spirited individual. The channel offers three main categories of videos: Marketing, Business, and Franchise opportunities.

The Network Marketing Opportunities category offers several videos on how you can become a successful business person by marketing an established business. The Business Opportunities category has a limited selection of videos that present business opportunities in locations like Vietnam, China, Spain, Morocco, Singapore, and Mandan, North Dakota. The final category is titled Franchise Opportunities. Here you get a short tutorial video about a couple of franchises that are looking to expand, whether it is in Fast Food, Fitness, Vending Machines, Yogurt or Pita shops. The videos are rather short interviews with current franchise owners or sales pitches from the parent companies.

The topics covered were very broad and did not get into any "business" talk. Most of the videos viewed did give a website you could visit for further information about that particular business.

-- Information is current as of March 10, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: The Business Opportunities Channel features franchise-, startup- and networking-opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as creative ideas and coaching for everyone who wants to start a business, look for new opportunities and grow continuously.

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