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Buffalo Bills Western Roundup

Quick Look: Buffalo Bills Western Roundup contains a rather extensive library of over 50 Westerns starring the likes of John Wayne, William Shatner, Lee Van Cleef, and Chuck Conners. Almost all of the available titles are from the 1960's and 70s when Spaghetti Westerns were popular. Several prominent titles include "McLintock" (1963) starring John Wayne, "The Proud and the Damned" (1972) staring Chuck Conners, and "Yuma" (1971).

Every move offers a brief synopsis including the production date, brief story line, and a list of cast members. Movies located in the "Featured" category go one step beyond and provide a brief trailer.
Besides all of the single title films, the channel does have several "series" of movies including:

  • Sartana - Hole in the Forehead (1968), Sartana's Here, Trade your Pistol for a Gun (1970), If you Meet Sartana Pray for your Death (1968), Sartana in the Valley of Death (1970), have a Good Funeral, My Friend...Sartana will pay(
  • Django - Django...Kill First (1971), A Man Called Django (1971), Django the Bastard (1969), Django, He who Shoots First (1966), A Noose for Django (1969), Django Against Sartana (1970), A Few Dollars for Django (1966), Viva Django (1968)
  • Ringo - A Pistol for Ringo, $100,000 for Ringo, Ringo and his Golden Pistol (1966), Ringo from Nebraska (1966)

-- Information is current as of March 8, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Buffalo Bill's Western Roundup is your source for all of the boot wearing, horse riding, kiss stealing, pistol slinging, heroes and villains of the Old West! Best of all, it's FREE!

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