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Bucket List Bars

Quick Look: Bucket List Bars is a comprehensive list of must-visit bars, taverns, and dives across the country. The channel takes you on a trip with the authors of "Bucket List Bars" to 40 saloons, pubs, and dives in 12 cities where you "learn the real history of America." Destinations include the following cities and establishments, plus many more:

  • Las Vegas - Hard Hat Lounge
  • Detroit - Tommy's Detroit Bar, 2 Way Inn, Nancy Whiskey
  • New York City - The Ear Inn, Old Town Bar, McSorleys Old Ale House
  • Philadelphia - McGillins, City Tavern
  • Austin - Scholz Beer Garten, The Tavern, Long Branch Inn

Other content includes the oldest tiki bars in the country, the oldest bars in San Diego, Seattle, Portland, and Hawaii, and the best dive bars in the country.

Below is one of the videos found on this channel; additional content can be found on their YouTube channel

-- Information is current as of June 27, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Travel to the oldest, most historic and downright coolest bars in America and beyond. If you're a fan of travel, try traveling from a different perspective. Actually get to know a city and its history by exploring the city's historic bars! You get to know the people, their culture and what they find important. Each episode share their history, where to find them, and what drink when you get there.

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