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Beyond Today Television Quick Look: Beyond Today Television is a production of the United Church of God, a Christian religious denomination. Their programs are broadcast on WGN, local cable and broadcast channels, and now Roku.

On the Roku channel you will find recent episodes of Beyond Today Daily, a daily podcast that addresses topics such as The Boy Scouts and the Gay Agenda, Do You Have an Immortal Soul?, and Gun Control - The Big Issue.. The channel also carries other Beyond Today Programs, listed in most-recent order. Examples of current programs include The Rapture: Hoax or Myth?, Biblical Questions for the President and You, and Is the Devil in Your Church?.

-- Information is current as of February 1, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Join us as we explore a variety of topics, showing how the Bible is an always relevant, always revealing guide to every aspect of life. In each program, we will help you discover how the Scriptures shed light on your life.

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DEVELOPER: United Church of God

FEES: None

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