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beSexy Workout

Quick Look: beSexy Workout is a subscription-based fitness channel featuring 40 progressive exercise routines you can easily do at home with a minimal amount of equipment, namely resistance bands and a yoga mat. Before you start, hit the star key on your remote to set up a very basic profile (age range) and desired goal (strength, lose weight, feel good), as this may adjust some of the routines. The videos are very short demonstrations (15 seconds) each where a fitness model demonstrates the maneuver while verbal instructions describe how to properly execute the exercise. The channel encourages you to start out with the first video and work your way through each routine over the next forty days, as it will not let you skip ahead until you have completed all previous days workouts.

The exercises are a mix of stretches, light cardio, squat variations, planks and yoga postures to tone and strengthen all regions of your body. Each video provides a written description of how many sets and repetitions, or time duration are expected for each exercise. The workouts contain anywhere from 10 routines to as few as 4 as you work your way through the program.

You can currently preview the channel for free for 7 days, then you will be charged for a one year subscription ($76.99) if you fail to cancel before your free trial expires. This is all managed through the Roku channel under your account information for "Manage your Subscriptions". If you cancel before your 7 day free trial you can still access the channel until your free trial period is over.

-- Information is current as of April 3, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Video training in real time with a professional instructor. Lose weight, stay in shape or muscle tone without leaving home. Programs are specially designed for beginners and professionals. Join now!

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DEVELOPER: Pharoscode

FEES: Annual Subscription $76.99, Monthly subscription also available, both with a 7-day free trial offer