Battlefront Network

Battlefront Network carries a collection of 100 public domain newsreels from the 1940s. Many of the videos are outtakes from a newsreel produced by "March of Time" and available from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Titles include Liberation of Paris, American Nurses Sightseeing in Paris, and Eisenhower Returns to Washington, DC.

-- Information is current as of June 11, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Battlefront Network stands as a premier destination for discerning audiences seeking substantive wartime content and historical depth. Our meticulously curated selection of war films, documentaries, and archival footage offers a sophisticated exploration of pivotal moments in military history. With a focus on delivering engaging and informative narratives, our channel appeals to adult viewers with a penchant for insightful entertainment. Join us as we navigate the complexities of past conflicts, shedding light on the bravery, sacrifice, and strategic significance that have shaped our global landscape.

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