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The Basics With Beth

Quick Look: The Basics With Beth offers content from Beth Jones, a writer, speaker, and pastor who "for the past 30 years... has been helping people learn the basics of faith." The channel includes free videos as well as premium subscriber content.

The channel's home page lets you browse messages by series or by topic. Series are Pray-versation, God's Love, The Greatest Life, Who Do You Think You Are? and That's Not How This Works, while topics include Health, Love, Purpose, Faith, Prayer, and Life. If you're new to Beth Jones, you can start with her "Get A Grip On The Basics" videos, covering 22 topics like How to Serve God, How to Grow and Developer Your Faith, and How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Premium subscribers have access to three Premium Bible Kids TV series and seven Premium Bible Courses TV series. Each series has a free 1-minute preview if you haven't subscribed.

-- Information is current as of September 9, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: God wants you to live a joyful, faith-filled life. He wants you to blessed and generous. He wants you to reach your God-given potential. And you can! The Basics With Beth app is full of fun practical, Bible-based content from Beth Jones to help you get the basics of God's Word and live life well!

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DEVELOPER: The Basics With Beth

FEES: Free content available. Premium content available for $8.99/month.