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Backwoods Life - Hunting

Quick Look: Backwoods Life - Hunting follows hosts Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton as they travel the country hunting whitetail deer, mule deer, turkey and other game. The channel currently has 40 videos covering their various hunts in search of trophy bucks and long beards using both bow and gun. Hunts include an 11-point buck in Texas, bowhunting in Missouri, turkey hunting in Georgia, Florida, South Dakota, Tennessee and Alabama, and deer hunting in Arkansas, Texas, Missouri and Kentucky. The Backwoods Life YouTube channel contains a much larger library of content, including the video shown below.

-- Information is current as of February 18, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Join hosts Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton of Backwoods Life as they travel the country hunting and enjoying the great outdoors Backwoods Life style. From Whitetail deer hunting, mule deer hunting, turkey hunting and more you don't want to miss the fun in the Backwoods of the United States and more!

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DEVELOPER: Backwoods Life

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