Quick Look: AwesomeSciTV is a subscription-based channel that provides "science-focused media from a Biblical Worldview." The channel currently contains the following 12 video series:

  • Science Foundation
  • Awesome Science
  • The Heavens Declare
  • Dino Hunter
  • The Flood Geology Series
  • Debunking Evolution
  • Creeping Things
  • The Creation Guys
  • X-Nilo
  • Created Planet
  • Justice on the Road
  • Top Ten

You cannot stream any content without subscribing to the channel, however if you visit their website and click on the Catalog tab there are quite a few free videos available, as well as trailers for all of their shows. A trailer from one of the shows on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of February 28, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: AwesomeSciTV is a TVOD and SVOD platform brining customers Science-focused media from a Biblical Worldview. Content is for science enthusiast, students, and churches. Content ranges from children’s programming to full length documentaries for adults.

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DEVELOPER: Awesome Science Media

FEES: $9.99/monthly with a 7-Day free trial