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Quick Look: The Autism Channel offers videos of interest to the parents and caregivers of those with autism. The following videos series are currently available:

  • I Am Autistic with Daniel Heinlein - Diagnosed with Asperger's as a teenager, Daniel Heinlein talks about autism with doctors, researchers, and others on the spectrum.
  • Dr. Judy - A board-certified developmental and behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Judith Aranson-Ramos, MD, talks about early diagnosis and treatment for people on the spectrum.
  • At Home with - Go into the lives and homes of families with autistic children and see how they deal with the challenges of providing support for children on the spectrum.
  • Direct From Chileda Institute - With facilities in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Chileda specializes in programs that promote growth for those on the spectrum.
  • Direct From Autism Service Dogs Association - Training therapy dogs as companions and helpers to people on the spectrum. Follow a dog's journey from selection through life as a working dog.
  • The Rocket Family Chronicles - A mocumentary about the life and times of Rocket, an on-the-spectrum filmmaker and his unique family.
  • Cooking with Jana - Gluten and Casein free cooking with Chef Jana McMahon, featuring easy to make recipes low in allergens.
  • Brain Training - A series about neurofeedback as an autism therapy with Michael Cohen of the Center for Brain Training.

Shows are being added at a rate of about two to three per week according to information provided by The Autism Channel.

-- Information is current as of November 11, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Helping parents, caregivers, people on the spectrum and other members of the autism community to find what works for them.

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