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Quick Look: The Asy Network Free channel is a channel offering a variety of documentary-style programming. Their current (July 2015) library is rather limited with only 10 entries currently available. Some of the titles include The Last Bite, With Sign in Hand, Best Day Ever, and Asylum Championship Wrestling.

There is an hour-long free preview video offered that highlights most of the available content with segments from each show.. A video preview of the ASY Network can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of July 3, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: The Asy Network is a Grass Roots Independent Colorado Based Television Network launched in 2015 on various streaming platforms. Shying away from the term "Reality TV", Asy brings a more tangible approach of "REAL TV." Unscripted real people, places and awesome things! Asy offers a wide variety of programming, all within the popular genres' of modern day television. Whether you're a Mini Documentary series fan, or a fan of Travel & Food shows, Maybe you're a Pro Wrestling fan? Asy has all bases covered! Live Music, Stand Up Comedy, Comedy shows, Random short films, Scary Movies, Political and Informative shows, Social and Cultural experiences.. It's all on Asy! Check your Roku Channel Store now and enjoy Asy for a monthly subscription rate of only 1.99. New shows will constantly be added, new seasons of your soon to be favorite Asy Originals and weekly shows that will keep you hooked! The Asy Network is carving out it's piece of the Future of Televised Entertainment... We truly hope you come along for this exciting and captivating ride!

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DEVELOPER: The Asy Network Ltd.

FEES: None

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