Quick Look: AstroBlast for Roku is nearly identical to the 1979 classic arcade game Asteroids . The objective of the game is to destroy all of the surrounding asteroids using your "laser cannon." Hitting an asteroid with your ship will result in destruction of your ship. (You are awarded 3 at the beginning of the game).

There isan endless supply of levels, each becoming more challenging as you progress. The game does have an added feature that the traditional game did not offer, which is the Hyperspace option that instantly relocates you to a random spot on the screen.

To play this game you will need the enhanced gaming remote, as the A/B buttons are an integral part of the game. You can play with the remote in a vertical or horizontal position, which will change how certain functions are performed (there is a diagram provided on the game under the Options tab within the game).

High scores are maintained, and you can also mute many of the sound effects if they become a bit much.

-- Information is current as of November 16, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Travel through interstellar space and destroy menacing asteroids traveling dangerously close. Your ship is equipped with a laser cannon and hyperdrive to instantly warp you through space in a pinch. This simple but addictive game is based on the arcade classic.

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