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Asian Taste Menu

Quick Look: Asian Taste Menu provides well over 100 videos from the YouTube channel Curry Road, whose tag line is "Food recipes that will make you go WOW!!! Bite-sized videos and mouth-watering recipes you will want to try at your home."

The videos are short demonstrations on how to prepare many different dishes such as Fried Eggs (not what you think, see below), Tandori Chicken, Chicken Pinwheels, and Pizza Cones. You'll also find a few videos covering adult beverages. Each video provides a step-by-step demonstration as well as a list of ingredients and proper cooking and preparation instructions that walk you through the process. Unfortunately, the videos are uncategorized and listed in one row, requiring extensive scrolling to see all that's available.

-- Information is current as of July 23, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: We offer you video recipes from famous cooks. You’ll learn how to make Chicken Korma in coconut milk with chef Smita Deo, then get acquainted with Mexican Frittata watching the tutorial of Neelam Bajwa, explore raw healthy recipes and get totally absorbed by a colorful guide of a myriad of Indian food.

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