Artkick Quick Look: The idea behind Artkick is this: You install the Artkick app on your mobile device (iOS or Android smart phone or table) and link your Roku device to your Artkick account. You then use your mobile device in conjunction with the Roku channel. You browse artwork and get background information about that artwork in the Artkick mobile device app. Meanwhile, the Artkick Roku channel is displaying the same artwork on a much larger screen.

Nice concept, but it didn't work for me. I was able to register an account through the mobile app and the Roku channel linked to that account and loaded the tutorial that I was viewing on my tablet, but that's where things quit working. The app running on my Samsung tablet never acted as a remote for the Roku channel, meaning that the Roku image was never in sync with the app image. I was able to scroll through the tutorial images on the Roku device using my Roku remote, but I was unable to find a way to get out of the tutorial gallery to view any other images.

Assuming you have better luck with this app than I do, you'll find hundreds of high-quality images in over a dozen categories such as architecture, historical, landscapes, museums, nature, sports, and space. Sources, according to the Artkick website, include NASA, the Library of Congress, and museums worldwide.

To get started with ArtKick, download the app onto your mobile device (links to the App Store and Google Play are available at, register for a free account, open the Roku channel, link your device to your account, then - if the app works better for you than it did for me - start browsing. Setting up Artkick is shown in the video below.

-- Information is current as of December 20, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Add art to your world. Artkick turns Roku connected TVs into interactive picture frames. Our app allows your Android or IOS device to operate like a remote that controls the images shown on your TV, while also displaying descriptions and info about the art.

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DEVELOPER: Sjl Developer

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