Arirang TV

Quick Look: Arirang TV highlights many cultural events and lifestyles that you would not consider to be part of the South Korean way of life. The channel takes a look at the pop culture that is now prevalent in South Korea as well as innovations that continue to come forth.
The channel offers video on demand in the following categories:

  • Bizline
  • Hansik of the Day
  • B Cruze
  • Air Travel
  • K-Phile
  • #Stylecast
  • Project-K
  • Pops in Seoul- K Pop Hotspot
  • Pops in Seoul- Live Attack
  • Showbiz Today
  • Showbiz in Korea- On Scene
  • SPOT
  • Fancam
  • Pops in Seoul- Pick and Talk
  • Showbiz Korea- Exclusive Date
  • Showbiz Korea- Fashion 101
  • Hot Clips of the Week
  • Pops in Seoul- Show Stoppers
  • Pops in Seoul- K-pop Top 10
  • Showbiz Korea- K Styles

There is also a live stream of similar content on the Arirang TV Live Roku channel.

-- Information is current as of October 26, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: ArirangTV is a 24 hour international broadcaster based in Seoul that aims to promote a deep understanding of Korea as well as international alliance and connection with the rest of the world. Through its channel, ArirangTV delivers to its audience Korea as a whole with dynamic content such as K-Pop, culture, food, tourism, and hourly news.

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DEVELOPER: 8sian Media Network Limited

FEES: None

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