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Quick Look: APA TV provides coverage of the American Pool Players Association, an amateur pool (billiards) league that hosts and sponsors amateur 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments among its members. The league was formed in the early 80s and incorporated a special handicap system (known as the Equalizer) that levels the playing field to allow players of lower abilities to compete against more skilled players.

This channel contains coverage of numerous tournaments held around the country, including championship matches from the last couple of years as well as player interviews. The APA TV YouTube channel contains additional content not found on this channel, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of Aug 18, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: The American Poolplayers Association (APA), also known as the Canadian Poolplayers Association (CPA) in Canada and the Japanese Poolplayers Association (JPA) in Japan, is an amateur pool league. The league is administered locally by a network of franchisees, called League Operators, and is conducted weekly in a variety of both 8-Ball and 9-Ball formats.
APA League teams have the opportunity to advance to the APA World Pool Championships held each summer in Las Vegas. In 2010, Guinness World Records recognized this event as the World's Largest Pool Tournament. In addition, APA hosts the APA Poolplayer Championships in Las Vegas each spring. APA pays out a combined $2 Million annually at these tournaments.

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