Ambia is an "ambience" channel, with long-duration videos providing relaxing nature sounds and music for sleep and relaxation. Videos range in length up to 10 hours and area available in the following categories on the channel's home screen:

  • Nature For Sleep
  • Nature For Relaxation
  • Babies
  • Ambient Music
  • Rain and Thunderstorms
  • Snow Scenes

You'll find the following additional categories on the "Nature" menu: Ocean Scenes; Rivers, Streams & Waterfalls; and Fireplace.

The channel is free, but you'll need to create an account by providing your email address and a password to unlock the videos. Until you register, you can stream a total of 5 minutes of videos.

The following are representative titles from the Ambia Roku channel:

  • "Tropical Rain Storm in Bali" - (4 hours) Video from a static location overlooking a deck and lawn in heavy rain, accompanied by the sound of falling rain
  • "Log Cabin - Blizzard Sounds" - (10 hours) Shows a log cabin with a warm light in a window on steep snow-covered hillside with falling snow. Although the video description calls the soundtrack "howling wind and blizzard sounds," it's more reminiscent of the static-filled white noise you'll get from a sound machine.
  • "Holding On by Sleep Before Midnight" - (10 hours) Shows an abandoned city street with blowing snow and a cloud of steam while ambient music lays. According to the video description, the "ambient musical composition [is] tuned to 432Hz."

-- Information is current as of March 10, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Ambia is the perfect app for improved sleep, stress relief, focus, and general well-being. Our extensive collection of videos are designed to help you with insomnia, tinnitus, stress, anxiety, and focus. Our videos have been tested and proven with an audience of over 1.5million people worldwide.

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