Almazan Kitchen

Quick Look: Almazan Kitchen takes a very artistic approach to cooking videos. All of the videos take place outdoors with most of the cooking done over an open fire. There is no dialog, recipes, instructions, or preparation tips, just a Serbian chef named Alex Almazan and his Uncle Boki silently creating amazing meals in their backyard or in the wild.

The channel provides numerous videos that showcase their cooking prowess as they create many different dishes that include burritos, pizza, steaks, fish, and chicken just for starters. As stated, the videos provide very little in the way of recipes, but you can find those on their website. What you do get is more of a story as they often gather their ingredients and artfully prepare the dish and sample it as the video ends.

The Almazan Kitchen YouTube channel contains additional content like the video below.

-- Information is current as of April 3, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: We are the first channel in the world that cooks all dishes on fire in the wild forest using organic homemade ingredients! The surroundings of our kitchen will relax you while the food that we make brings you the ultimate foodporn experience!

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